Health and Safety Specialist Turkish Translations

Occupational Health and Safety documents and associated training media requires a great deal of industrial experience and specialization in the OHSE sector. The main purpose of these documents is to provide compliance to the legislation of the occupational health and safety standards of a country. When it comes to translating them for multinational working environments or even a contractual understanding between companies, all the documents and safety related instructions shall be conveyed in a way that all employees or any associated persons receive the message concisely to prevent accidents, injuries and even illnesses.

Collectively, the documents associated with the OSHE are the plans and procedures framing the plans so as to manage health and safety at the work sites or a production facility.  National and international standards may include ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use (HSE’s position statement on ISO 45001), BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system as well as North American standards including OSHA. Also the companies need to develop their in-house standards, procedures and codes based upon the law and regulation of the country where they are located in.  Codes may even change from one industry to another as the nature of the operations may differ from each other.  However, even if the language and methodology vary, the key actions can usually be traced back to Plan, Do, Check, Act.

While translating OSHE documents, the functionality and accuracy of the written materials should keep the effectiveness of the original document so as to create the required awareness among the employees, while the company conforms to the law and documentation with the certifications. The harmony between the theory and practice is the utmost requirement while translating these documents.

Adapting the OHSE plans and procedures of a company in a specific region may also require localization of the documents for employee use as well as signage and slogans as well.  So hiring native speakers who have specialty in translating health and safety documents plays a great role to achieve a “Zero Injury” policy.

An effectively translated health and safety management plan is more than translating the management system or safety management system. It will be the biggest assistance to the implementation of the rules and regulations at your job sites.  The success of a OSHE system is bound to the behaviors of the employees at the job sites and materials translated by the native speakers may transmit your OHSE message better than machine translations.  Lingator may assist you connect with the Health and Safety Specialists from different languages to assist you in your effort to comply with the laws and regulations as well as assisting you to write OSHE piece of your contract for a successful execution.

We can assist your organization with the translation of the documents below:

  • Health and Safety Manuals
  • Safety data sheets
  • Policies
  • Instructions
  • Labelling of hazardous substances
  • Incident reporting
  • Fire safety instructions
  • Reports to external parties
  • Training documents
  • Accident prevention laws
  • Safety laws