Legal Sector as a Source of Translation

When it comes to the translation legal sector documents can be more complicated than the documents of the other sectors as the technical terminology used in this sector is a style that many people might see them unfamiliar with language than it is used in the other sectors and even our daily lives.  If you want to specialize in this sector as a translator you should be sure that a proper understanding of the skills and knowledge are required. Furthermore, you should have a clear understanding of the scope of the work you do and you should demonstrate that you are really passionate to be a translator in this sector. While specializing, not the money you will earn but you passion will be key to the success.

It also incorporates with many other sectors from international economics to the local criminal law so it won’t be possible for a translator to specialize in the entire sectors. That’s to say, you might choose one or two of these subtopics to specialize. No need to be greedy at the beginning, you cannot endeavor an apple as one piece at a time, chew it in pieces!

While working in this sector as a translator you also need ultimate communication skills to communicate with lawyers, advocates, notaries, paralegals, judges and corporate counsels as one of these might be one of your next client.

Legal translation services are vital to individuals and organizations.  There are many translation project opportunities but how can you attract your clients? How can you encourage them to contact you?  Communication with the industry specific people is the first step and secondly, do not be greedy to take large projects, start with the smaller ones.

Legal translation

Legal documents to translate may include contracts and agreements, legal articles, lawsuits, judgments, judicial orders, appeals, powers of attorney, wills,

Administrative translation

Administrative documents to translate may include  correspondence, forms, declarations of VAT, IRPF, tax and tax certificates, budgets, orders, invoices,

Economic translation

Documents of economy to translate may include account reports, audits, bank certificates, tax returns, insurance policies, stock documentation, etc.

Financial translation

Financial translation may include reports (accounts, investment, etc.), balance sheets, market studies, bank documentation, articles, business plans, etc.

Institutional translation and for international organizations

Institutional translation may include texts associated with legal-administrative texts that take place in public and private institutions as well as in international organizations, such as the European Union or the UN.

Sworn translation

Sworn translations may include the translations of criminal clearance certificates, birth certificates, notes, death certificates, academic titles, contracts, notarial minutes, constitution minutes, payrolls, testaments, etc.