News and Journalism Translations

News Translation for Broadcasting and Editorial Purpose, Website Translations and More…

Any article from science to medical journals and also sophisticated publications can be found under the category of news and journalism articles, which can be translated by the translators on Lingator’s platform. It is fundamental for the news reporters that the accuracy and the promptness of the news translations should be provided by any authority who translates the documents, though they need these news sources for regular information, sometimes it could be really urgent to translate them on time. It is obligatory that the accuracy of the translation from the source to the target language bears a significant importance, it doesn’t matter if it is an investigation report or a medical study translation.

Journalism and news documents are regular documents which seems to be translated by any of the translators; however these documents require specialization with the language used per the subcategories itself. For instance, international politics has it own jargon while medical publications require experience with the medical documents or even science. Though it requires high quality translations, the translation rates are low when it is compared with the other types of contracted translations for a specific industry. Some types of translations such as audiovisuals may increase the price a little bit, but the price of the translation cannot be compared with the other types of translations. When you need such a translation, all the estimation is based upon the word count and this estimation is not a difficult task to do.

Should you need your audio or video news to be translated, you can send us the sample files to us and we can translate them for you as soon as possible. If possible, you can send us a written text document to provide more accuracy with the written stuff which will make our job easier. Naturally, we will respond to you with the questions and answers shortly, in which you can consult with the other industry specific translators on our platform as well.

News and journalism translation covers a wide area of possibilities and potential translation services. Here is just a brief list of some of the sort of news articles translations which we can translate for you.

  • Translation of periodical publications such as magazines and newspapers, translation of a single news, or the translation of any other printed media element.
  • Transcription/Translation of Audio files- for instance Turkish to English or Spanish to English transcription of an audio file or the translation of the audio files.
  • Publication focused on specific audiences- Niche publications; translation of machinery magazines, publication of art elements, publication of health care journals or journal of medicals.
  • Translation of news for reporting objectives or the translation of news documents.
  • Translation of English to Turkish, Turkish to English news documents and sources for English newspapers, website translations in various languages and translation for any type of news for reporting purposes.
  • Translation of the websites for local broadcoasting purposes, the translation of the websites for newspapers, and blogs which publish news daily or translations for any online news reporting platforms. The translation of a website may involve localization, translation of the keywords and search engine optimization ( SEO), translation of information technology elements as well as many other elements to be translated. Whether it is for news, journalism or any website service, or any other objective, we can translate anything technical as well.

Today, the global giants of journalism or huge corporations may significantly need daily news translations so as to keep their global audiences updated and their business agenda as well.  On Lingator’s platform we can source any news or publications from any source and translate them for you.  Whether it is for technical purposes or literary purposes, our freelancers can translate any document to any language. New source and media may need regular translations and Lingator’s community can translate them for lower translation rates which will be a better choice than an average translation agency.  Hiring a freelancer for your translations may bring  the best quality news translations with the cost effective pricing option which cannot be found in any other translation agency or platform.