Specializing In Science and Technology Translations

Science and technology sector requires highly qualified skill sets in translation to specialize due to the importance of the documents to be translated.  It is an active field with the information and one needs to be actively associated with the field that he/she wants to specialize.  Along with the academic background, industrial experience may also be needed to back you up while taking the challenge to get more professional in this type of translation.  As technology and science advance at each corner of the life, the field is abundant with the job opportunities in translation only if you really specialize with a specific field.  Acedemia, industry and commerce are the basic terms which might provide some insights about what to specialize; however the features of the opportunities that you receive may vary and the factors may change till you really focus on a single or two fields. Below are examples presenting nature of the documents to be translated?

Medical translation

Medical translation task may include medical reports, clinical practice guides, opinion articles, information for patients, brochures, books and medical atlases, informed consents along with other texts associated with each area specifically such as medicine, health sciences, nursing, nutrition, etc.

Pharmaceutical translation

Pharmaceutical translation task may include the translation of analysis, reports, packaging and labels, technical data sheets, drug registration, clinical trials, chemical product manuals, pharmacological studies, registration dossiers, leaflets, etc. Specialization in other fields such as chemistry and biochemistry may also be required while mastering the skills.

Scientific Translations

Scientific translation may require experience with the translation of scientific or academic articles, papers, abstracts, manuscripts, lectures, lectures, courses, theses, etc. along with other specialization and experience in various fields such as astronomy, biochemistry, robotics, engineering, anthropology, politics, etc.

Technical translation

Types of text translation may include instruction, user, maintenance, installation, equipment, machinery, software, user guides, technical specifications, specification sheets, patents, etc. Experience in various sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, telecommunications, electronics, renewable energies, etc. may bring in more opportunities if you can improve your skills and receive the right trainings to specialize.