Translating Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

A translation which fascinates your audience does not just provide data regarding your campaign but also it also evokes the emotional tone and it could even be compelling. A successful team of professionals may present professionalism in translating the website and process multimedia localization which will assist your campaign in different continents and countries around the world.

A brief which is substantially translated may boost a marketing campaign.  The brief presents a concrete foundation to assure that the strategy is executed well by the translation professionals. If you hire translators from external resources, you should be sure that the translation quality be assured to prevent any fiascos during your campaign at multilingual business environments. Therefore the cultural factors should be understood well to fascinate the target audience and these factors include traditions, which plays a great role in the authenticity of the documents.  In order to assure the cultural adaption there some steps to take and they are highly crucial:

Before the translation process begins an extensive research shall be made by the professionals including the native speakers and compare these data with the original document of the campaign. The selected linguists should be from  the target countries and they should either be knowledgeable regarding the traditions and the cultural habits of the people. This is so significant that sometimes there might even be different cultures in a country, and you should know what’s common at that land. While making these researches the linguists will examine the copy and the design of the advertising and marketing materials. At this point on, the evaluation of the right message for the suitability for the target culture and pros and cons of the existing materials are discussed among the linguists. This will make it easy to find suggestions to adapt the advertising materials into the target language and culture. These insights will assist the clients choosing the right elements and deciding the changes in the original document and associated media for an ultimate success of the campaign.

When it comes to the marketing and advertising translation, the literal translation will not be enough to transmit the right message to the audience. Transcreation which is a process of the adaption of the wording and tone plays the most important role in this sense so that the graphics used in the campaign should touch the senses of the target audience. Lingator connects translators, copywriters and cultural consultants who acclimated to the requirements of a marketing and advertising campaign with a deep understanding of localization to impact the tone of your audience.

The design of the files needs special typesetting skills to evolve the design of the marketing material into printable documents in the target languages which may include non-Roman characters or even rare diacritical marks. Lingator works with professionals from Arabic World and Far East.

Localizing the digital media elements and tuning them into the target culture and language requires a great deal specialization. Localizing the websites, applications and email marketing elements are highly fundamental in such international campaigns.  You might the most professional team to localize your content in various languages. Lingator can optimize even your website for SEO purposes to support the localization effort as well.

We can translate studies and market analysis, reports, statistics, documentation related to the commercial department in terms business marketing translation. Also we can assist you transcreating your documents and media. For advertising, we can translate and transcreate advertising documents for offline and online campaigns, banners , web content, content of articles for blog, brochures, catalogs and product cards. SEO? Let us work for you to support your campaign with keyword lists, URL lists, blog articles, web content, etc.