Translation Process

Our normal translation process consists of translation, editing and proofreading performed by linguistic teams. Once the proofreading step is complete, the deliverables must pass a final quality assessment test before they are released to the client. In other words, three successive quality verification checkpoints follow the first step of each translation to ensure the highest quality output possible.

RFQ and Detailing The Scope

When you contact us for a translation, we professional tailor each requirement and prepare a price proposal and submit to you. Normally, the schedules are sent by the clients but we prepare all the schedules if the client is not familiar with the procedure.

Meetings are arrange with the client In order to outline the scope of the project. These meetings are vital to understand the nature of the documents as well as the client’s concerns with the localization objectives. This assists us in defining the scope of what needs to be translated and eliminating the unnecessary text and material. At this phase, we utilize existing memories and glossaries.  During the performance of the translation, we keep in touch with you in order to provide reports about the delivery of the translation and discuss the needs and changes in the scope if necessary.  Thereby, outlining the work to be performed, a good schedule will keep the parties on time and within budget.

Glossary Management

Collaborating with the client an extensive glossary of terms is created with the specifications of the client. The process includes interpreting, converting and implementing via a dynamic glossary database which will be utilized by the translators. This process provides consistency in the project and is crucial to maintaining a high level of quality on large projects. After the glossary items list is created, a meeting will be arranged with the client in order to discuss if the glossary is conforming to the material to be translated.  A list of questions can be created as much as possible before the translation is performed in order to prevent any misuse of terms related to the client’s documents.  For review purposes, sample pages can be translated to discuss during a meeting.  Finally, guidelines, style guide and the common glossary to be used by all translators will be defined in order to assure the consistency in the results.

Selection of Members of Translation Team

The determination of the linguist teams is done by assigning persons with the right experience and specialty. In our teams for a specific project, we always choose native speakers of the target language. We rely upon the subject matter experts for technical content in order to ensure the true use of the industry terms. We will work in close collaboration with client representatives to ensure that the translation is done in accordance with the client’s preferred terminology.

Proceed to Translate

The translation begins with our subject matter expert translator’s imitation.  Your documents will be translated by people who have specialization in your industry.  The most important factor in any translation is the selection of the correct person with right skills and experience.  Lingator’s team is composed of native speakers of the target language with proven experience in translation, editing and proofreading with a degree in Linguistics. Our teams are composed of high-quality professionals with industry specific experience and knowledge.

Translation memory systems are used in order to assure the consistency in the terminology conveyed across the translation team and in all of the translated document.  .(manuals, websites, software, marketing materials, documents, business presentations, etc.)


If artwork or graphics are involved and the project requires a mirror of the original materials, Lingator’s experts design and format the work as a replica of the original design of your document. Lingator’s strategy with high-volume translations is built upon an integral task management approach which facilitates communication and collaboration across all of the translation teams to ensure that you receive consistent, high-quality output. We will utilize programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator to create a replica of your document and insert all translated text into it.

Quality  and Proofreading

After all translations, your document goes through a proofreading process to eliminate the errors. Lingator is highly selective when a new reader comes into our team. We mostly select the proofreaders from the subject matter experts so that the nature of the document would be understood and the consistency is provided.  We edit your document  using the Microsoft Word track changes feature. This is a standard feature installed in current versions of Microsoft Word. This Microsoft component allows you to quickly accept all changes proposed by the editor or move easily between corrections. Comments, corrections, and suggestions, which are listed in the right-hand margin, are easy to identify and accept into your document. We are confident you will be 100% satisfied, and we offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your edited document, we will refund your payment or re-edit your document. Our verification procedures and tools track quality across all of the documents, thereby allowing us to deliver accurate translations with fast turnaround times. Each document will be reviewed by a translator, a proofreader and a content manager. In addition, these individuals will have access to all of our resources for consultation.

Delivery and Customer Feedback

The completed material is delivered to the client. Translation memories and glossaries are preserved to reduce your cost for future changes and updates. Feedback is obtained from the client to ensure satisfaction with the job.


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Compliance with the standards and regulatıons

About Us

Lingator is a platform for Turkish Native Translation And Interpretation Experts specialized in complex and high-volume translations.  Lingator’s members work on a freelance schedule and they are based in Turkey and several other countries. Emerging our presence, Lingator desires to offer years of experience of proven translation experience to your organization or your individual work to be translated.

Lingator’s members offers professional translations to individuals and companies in various countries. Adopting several essential principles, quality is the core of the work we do and an early approval of the translated work is not desired in our system. It’s a pleasure to assist individuals and companies and support them with the translations revealing the meaning of the context of their documents.

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